forklift training and accident videos

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Forklift training and accident videos

There are many forklift training videos on line so I have collated some of the better ones here. Some are quite amusing and some are serious. Check them out. If you know of a good video I have missed out please send me the URL here and I'll put a link to it on this page.

Professional Forklift Safety Training Videos by Paragon Training.

Correct stacking sequence for a forklift truck. My copyright. Please feel free to use it for training purposes. To download, right click and "save as"

How to negotiate a chicane with a laden forklift truck. My copywright. Please feel free to use it for training purposes. To download, right click and "save as"

A child drives a forklift truck with inevitable results

Tired pallet truck operator demolishes racking

Watch a forklift light cigarette lighters without breaking eggs!

ELO Shield proximity device for forklift trucks

An almost exact copy of my forklift accident in 1979

Watch this operator bring down the racking

Two forklift trucks and one smashed washing machine

Man killed by load falling from forklift truck

Forklift and boat BOTH run away

Picking up a coin with a forklift truck

How not to stuff a container with a forklift truck!

Not forklift but closely related. Watch this mini digger driver who must have had a big grudge against someone!

Watch this poor telehandler operator drop a load of plaster boards from a great height

Amazing! Watch this young lady load a car onto four balanced piles of drinks glasses

You should never turn with the load elevated particularly is there is rear tilt applied to the mast as this moves the centre of gravity of the forklift rearwards

Forklift truck shrink wrapping machine

Bringing down the racking with a reach truck

ELOshield Proximity Detection System for forklift trucks Video

Top ten forklift accidents from Mitsubishi. All caused by stupidity

I can't understand this accident which I found on line. It's very short and appears to show someone underneath a forklift truck, presumably seriously injured or worse.

Mentor's show your hand video

Lisa's story. This brave lady lost her leg in a forklift accident

Five forklift accidents caught on video

This one really takes some skill and is one of the most dangerous I've seen.

Miscellaneous forklift accidents video

How not to get a truck off the back of a lorry

Canadian video showing several forklift accidents.

How to break 2000 beer bottles with a fork lift

Young forklift operator breaks back. Brought tears to my eyes.

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