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Forklift accidents reveal 4% increase

forklift trainingOct. 25th 2012. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has reported an industry wide increase in serious forklift truck accidents, prompting Briggs Equipment to urge fleet managers not to lose sight of the importance of health and safety in a tough economic environment.

Latest figures from the HSE reveal a four per cent increase in serious accidents involving forklift trucks, the first rise in two years, and Briggs believes that this may be due to some businesses cutting corners to reduce costs.

Briggs Equipment's CEO, Richard Close, commented: "In these uncertain times, there seems to be more companies willing to put profit before safety. But this approach could cost them thousands, whilst seriously damaging their reputation."

Richard went on to highlight a recent case involving a shipbuilding company, which was fined £120,000 following the death of a welder.

The company left keys in the ignitions of forklifts, making them available for anyone to use. As a result, the welder - who had no forklift training - drove one of the machines and was crushed between the vehicle and a crane lifting beam.

"This is a clear example of the repercussions a business can face when cutting corners and not having correct procedures in place," continued Richard. "We want this to be a reminder of the importance of health and safety and how it can actually drive down costs as well as saving lives."