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Stolen fork lift used to rob ATM machine!

Robbers used a stolen forklift truck to rip off an ATM from the wall of a bank in Hatherleigh, West Devon on February 21st 2010

According to police, the trio of robbers fled with the contents of the hole-in-the-wall machine after tearing it from the NatWest bank building, leaving a ten-foot wide hole in the side.

They were dressed in reflective clothing and hard hats to pose as construction workers as they carried out the theft, before escaping in a 4x4 vehicle and a car. The amount of cash in the ATM is not known.

A police spokesman said the forklift, which has a maximum speed of just 40mph, had been stolen from the Bideford area of Devon last week.

"A stolen red Manitou forklift vehicle was used to penetrate the building and then pull the cash machine from the wall," the News of the World quoted him, as saying.

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