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Miss sold a forklift truck? Try the forklift watchdog

mis sold a forklift truckHere is a great idea from the Fork Lift Truck Association. If you have been mis-sold a fork lift truck that is not exactly as described by the seller, you can now report that trader to the authorities under a brand new initiative established called the Fork Truck Watchdog.

The scheme has been set up in a partnership with West Berkshire District Council and Trading Standards to protect the interests of purchasers when they buy a new or used fork lift truck in the UK.

The task for the Fork Truck Watchdog is to identify and eradicate those forklift traders that operate below the high standards of safety and integrity that the fork truck industry demands.

Often one of the biggest problems with rogue traders is that while they sometimes appear to exist as isolated cases, the same rogue trader may well be operating in different parts of the UK and swindling multiple customers. Importantly, the Fork Truck Watchdog’s joined up national approach is one that can result in the full weight of evidence being brought to bear.

So, if you’ve recently bought a truck that isn’t as it was described, is unsafe, unfit for purpose or if you are embroiled in a contract dispute, we’re here to help.

The scheme works like this: you fill in the brief form supplied on the FLTA website and either email or post it to the addresses provided. This form goes to West Berkshire District Council, with whom the FLTA have formed the Primary Authority Partnership, which acts entirely impartially on your behalf with Trading Standards.

If it is a criminal offence, such as a truck being supplied in a dangerous condition or mis-described (e.g. sold as a 2013 model when it actually dates back to 2007), then your complaint is passed straight to Trading Standards who will consider whether the complaint is justified. If it is, the powers of Trading Standards are mobilised nationally so patterns of bad practice by the same supplier can be recognised and acted upon.

The complaint will be taken up by your local authority, (i.e. where the complaint was made), as well as the authority where the supplier is located.

If you would like a second opinion or need help in completing the form, you can call upon a Member of the Fork Lift Truck Association for help free of charge.