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Road transport industry worst fork lift truck safety

Oct 2011. Independent authority the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) circulated a list of industries with the worst accident record, as well as the most improved.

They show a disturbing 237% increase in lift truck-related injuries to road freight employees since 2001/02 meaning the industry has gone from having the UK's fifth worst figure just seven years ago to having more lift truck accidents than the next four industries combined today.

No fewer than 384 haulage employees were injured by fork lift trucks in 2009/10, compared to just 114 in 2001/02. The change contrasts starkly with a sustained national improvement in fork lift safety record generally.

Conversely, the closely related Storage and Warehousing industry, previously the UK's worst for fork lift safety, saw a 77% improvement, from 308 injuries to 71, over the same time scale.