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41 fatal accidents at work during 2009/10

In 2009/10p 41 workers suffered a fatal injury involving workplace transport. This can be compared with 38 involving falls, although there is some overlap between the two groups, falls from vehicles are included in both.

Workplace transport accounts for about 4% of all reported injuries. However, this is heavily weighted towards the more serious injuries as 10% of all fatalities (26% to employees) involve workplace transport, but 3.5% (3.6% to employees) of reported over-3-day and 6% (6% to employees) of non-fatal major injuries. It also accounts for just over 1% of reported injuries to members of the public. (Averaged between 2001/02 and 2009/10p).

There was a 26% increase in reported major injuries and a 20% increase in reported over-3-day injuries between 2001/02 and 2003/04. This coincided with the change in reporting to the Incident Contact Centre. However, while we might expect an increase in reporting of non-fatalities because of the change (e.g. due to the publicity or easier reporting arrangements) this would not explain the 10% increase in fatalities. Overall, however, since 2001/02 the number of fatal injuries has fallen by 23%, major injuries have increased by 6% and over-3-day injuries have fallen by 9%. Over the same period the proportion of injuries being classed as major has increased from 28.5% to 31.9% for reasons that are not clear. Increasing age may be a small contributory factor.