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New UK map of bogus ‘elf and safety excuses

HSE myths map Dec 1st 2013. More people in London and the South East have reported ill-founded health and safety excuses than any other part of the UK, new analysis shows.

Britain’s workplace safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive, has analysed the national spread of all reports to the popular Myth Busters Challenge Panel – set up to clamp down on bogus health and safety excuses.  

The results show that more people report that they’re told “sorry, can’t do that because of ‘elf and safety’” in the capital and the South East than anywhere else – with more than fifty cases reported over the past year.

The results also show that Yorkshire has the second worst reporting rate for absurd edicts – with 22 complaints and Wales and the Highlands of Scotland have received the least number of complaints about ‘elf and safety excuses.

Minister for Health and Safety Mike Penning said: “Health and Safety regulations save lives – but bogus excuses do nothing more than throw a spanner in the works of otherwise sensible activity.

No doubt the figures will raise an interesting debate about whether they reveal the extent of over-zealousness or show that people have had enough and are no longer prepared to put up with nonsense excuses.

Either way, it’s good to see so many people on the side of restoring common sense.”  Original article