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Complete Powerpoint slide presentation for forklift instructors. Ready made training course

How to search this website properly

To get the best out of the search function on this website please follow the instructions below:

search websiteType your search, with accurate spelling, into the search box that looks like this. (See also top left of this page).

Please ONLY USE two or three words as the search term.

Because of the way computers work, the search will return EVERY word you type and will only ignore common words such as "and", "a" and similar words.

Let's see an actual example. Suppose I want to search for a particular question on the forklift operator's test paper, let's say: Name 4 checks you must make to a load before picking it up. If you type that into the search box the computer will return results for almost every word in the sentence and you will Get a large number of results, most of them wrong!

If you type "4 load checks" you will get far fewer results to choose from. If you still don't get the result you require, add another word and search again.

Incidentally when you click "find" you will get a warning that looks like this. Don't worry about it. It's because the search is actually conducted by a company called Freefind and the information is sent to their servers. Just click on "Continue"

search warning

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