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Distances of less than 1000 yards on the road

Registration and licensing of fork lift trucks is governed by the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act (VERA) 1994. For licensing purposes a truck may be described as a "Works Truck" when its use complies with the following conditions:

It is designed for use in private premises and is used on public roads only for:

  • Carrying goods between private premises and a vehicle on the road in the immediate vicinity
  • Passing between one part and another or to the private premises in the immediate vicinity
  • In connection with road works at or in the immediate vicinity of the site of such works

The term "immediate vicinity" used in the above formal definitions has not been defined in law. It has, however, been ruled that a distance over 1000 yards was not within the immediate vicinity. Immediate in this context, implies very localised operation such as the loading or unloading of vehicles outside premises or a journey from one part of a private premises to another. Journeys between sites and premises must also be between this distance.

Trucks are obviously primarily designed for use in private premises. The above definition assumes that they would be used on private roads to a marginal extent. If such use is frequent and could be shown to be part of their main use then they may not be classified as a works truck.

Trucks used for distances of greater than 1000 yards are not classed as works trucks and must comply with Construction and Use Regulations or have type approval.

Vehicle Licensing and Registration