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FLTA Safety drive for forklift trucks

flta starts with training

Training is the key to both safety and efficiency and it is absolutely essential where forklift trucks are involved (they are, by a huge margin, the single most deadly form of workplace transport). 

That’s why training is the first topic in a major new campaign being mounted by the FLTA: Safety Drive 2020.  And we aren’t just talking about operators, everyone involved in handling operations from managers and supervisors to those working alongside forklifts should receive appropriate training.

Safety Drive doesn’t end there though. From early October, the FLTA will issue a series of 6 weekly bulletins covering many different aspects of safety and best practice, to help you ensure your business is safe and fit for purpose.

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Turns out... you can put a price on training.

In July 2017 Aldi was fined £1 million following an accident in which a delivery driver sustained serious injuries whilst operating a powered pallet truck. 

The company was found guilty of providing insufficient training. Instead they relied on new operators shadowing existing drivers before working alone.  
There are two key lessons to be learned: 

  • It is a legal requirement that anyone using handling equipment must receive formal training when operating materials handling equipment (showing someone how it’s done is not enough) 
  • Despite what people may think, training is required for operators of power pallet trucks 
You can read more about the new training standards for power pallet trucks here.