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Practical operating test for pallet truck operators

pallet truck test courseAs far as I know there is no official practical test issued by any accrediting body for this type of truck. (If anyone knows different please let me know and I will add it to this website).

Back in the 80s, the now defunct supermarket group, Kwiksave, invented their own test for pallet truck operators as they had hundreds of these machines. Everyone I know has used this test ever since. A plan view is reproduced here.

The course can be made of pallets, or similar, standing on edge. I have not put dimensions on the drawing as they will obviously vary with different types of truck i.e. those with or without an operator's platform or low level order pickers. Care should be taken to allow for operator clearance so that they do not trap themselves against the truck.

Two similar loads are required and these can either be real loads or simulated from a pack of about six pallets. In either case they need to have some weight to prevent them sliding as the pallet finger wheels enter. The drawing above shows the course at the start of the test. Click below to go through the test sequence.

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