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Forklift practical test details. 2017 onwards

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The following pages show the actual sequence that is undertaken on the forklift operator's practical test. The links above show details, plans and dimensions for the test which came into force in 2017 along with the latest marking sheet.

Step 1.

The truck is driven forwards into the chicane where the load shown in red is picked up.

After reversing to get position, the truck is again driven through the chicane into the aisleway where the operator is required to make a right angle turn in a confined space. The load is then stacked onto the high level stack.

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{Note that the high level stack should be a minimum of 3300 mm, (around 10 feet). If this cannot be arranged, it is usual for a height restriction to be shown on any subsequent certificate issued.

Please note. This test works on a penalty point system. There are three categories of fault as follows:

  • Minor faults, penalty = 1 point
  • Medium faults, (e.g. gentle touches of the course etc), penalty = 3 points
  • Serious faults, (e.g.. reversing without looking), 5 points

Scoring more than 40 penalty points results in failure of the practical test. A candidate can also be disqualified for a number of reasons listed on this page.