Forklift operator open written test

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Forklift training open questions with all the answers

forklift written test

Here are all the open questions from the forklift operator training course. You will be given any five random ones of these on your test so it's best to know the answers to all of them. Click each one for the correct answer. Each course member may have different questions on the same training course as instructors have to pick any five from this master set of twenty six.

1. Name 4 main safety checks you would make before loading or unloading a flatbed or curtainsider lorry.

2. Give 4 reasons why it is important to carry loads up to the heel of the forks.

3. Give 4 reasons why a lift truck can tip over sideways (lateral instability).

4. A truck’s rated capacity is 1800kg at 500mm load centre (LC).

5. Give 4 examples of places where you should not park an industrial lift truck.

6. Name 4 different types of ground surfaces or conditions a lift truck operator could encounter.

7. Name 2 effects that ground conditions can have on a lift truck.

8. Name 2 precautions a lift truck operator can take when operating on different types of ground or surface.

9. Give 4 examples which could cause a lift truck to tip forwards (longitudinal instability).

10.   In relation to a truck’s capacity, which 3 items of information must be printed on a truck’s rating plate?

11.   Name 4 checks you must make to a load before picking it up.

12.   List 8 components that must be checked on a lift truck pre-use inspection.

13. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, etc. gives 4 responsibilities/duties of operators and employees. What are they?

14.   Give 2 reasons why it is advisable to stop just a short distance from the stack.

15.   Name 4 precautions you must take while refueling or recharging a lift truck.

16.   If, in an emergency, you had to park a lift truck on an incline, name 4 precautions you should take before leaving it.

17.  Why must you never drive or operate an industrial lift truck across an incline?

18.   Name 8 precautions you must take if a manned platform is to be fitted to a lift truck

19. State 2 reasons why is it important that loaded pallets are placed tight to one
another and against the headboard when loading a lorry.

20. You have a lift truck fitted with a side shift. State 4 hazards this can present.

21. Name 4 precautions you should take as you approach and negotiate blind corners.

22. Name 2 reasons why the parking brake and neutral must be applied when using any hydraulic controls.

23.   State 4 safety factors to consider when charging a lift truck battery.

24.   When refueling an LPG powered lift truck state 4 safety precautions that  must be taken.

25.   When refueling a diesel powered lift truck state 4 safety precautions that  must be taken.

26.   State the recommended operational procedure for stacking a laden pallet in an industrial racking system with a reach truck.