order picker operator written test

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Order picker operator's written test

order picker written test

The theory test paper consists of 5 open and 20 multiple choice questions designed to establish the candidate’s knowledge of the safe operating practices generally found within the industry and specific to the candidate’s working environment.

The test papers will not necessarily be the same for all candidates to prevent copying. Five of the questions are deemed to be safety critical. Providing an incorrect answer to one of these will result in the candidate failing this part of the course.

An example of an open question is:

Give 4 reasons why an order picker could tip over sideways (lateral instability). The candidate will be expected to write down four separate reasons as to why an order picker can fall over sideways. Grammar and spelling are unimportant so long as the meaning of the answers are clear.

An example of a multiple choice question is:

Whose responsibility is it to ensure the safety of pedestrians while operating an order picker? Here the candidate has a list of four things to choose from and selects what s/he believes is the correct answer simply ticking a box to choose.

Where it has been determined that English is not their first language or the candidate experiences literacy and numeracy difficulties then the candidate may take the test orally.

Non English speakers

Where English is not the main language of the trainees The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) strongly recommends that an accredited translator is used and that the answers given by the trainee are translated and written onto the answer sheet.

The translator must print and sign their name, and record their accrediting organisation and registration number, if any, for auditing purposes

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