order picker operator practical test

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Practical test for operators of high and medium level order pickers

This test came into force for all ABA accredited organisations in December 2020 and it's use is mandatory from April 1st 2021. It has been devised to examine the critical skills required of a order picker operator, these are:

    1. Starting and stopping the truck
    2. Driving forward and in reverse, including braking
    3. Steering accuracy
    4. Engagement into and from an aisle
    5. Loading and retrieving using the load platform/pallet
    6. Using hydraulic controls correctly and sympathetically
    7. Judging the position of fork tips at varying heights, laden and unladen
    8. Depositing and picking accurately at various heights
    9. Observation of  the working environment and judgment of speed, height, width and distance from within the confines of the machine

The test is based on the safe application of these operations at a reasonable working pace. Care has been taken to design a course which covers all the critical skills, while being easily constructed on most company premises.

The test is broadly similar, but not identical, to the existing test used for operators of counterbalanced forklifts but without the requirements to negotiate the chicane twice. If you are interested in the complete sequence, please refer to the existing counterbalanced course sequence detailed on the following pages. (Opens in a new window).

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