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Pallet truck practical operator test, (2019) - Overview

pedestrian pallet truck

For all of my days in training I used the practical test developed by the, now defunct, supermarket, Kwiksave. At last, the Accrediting Bodies Association have invented a proper test based on the existing test for counterbalanced and reach truck operators. This test may be used from August 1st 2019 but it's use is mandatory from 1st December 2019.

From the this date the ABA have introduced an official test for operators of pallet trucks both stacking and non stacking in ABA Category A Pallet/Stacker Truck, (ABA categories: A1, A2 and A3, A4, A5, A6, A7).

This test, unsurprisingly, has three parts to it in the same way that the counterbalanced and reach truck tests do. These are:

  • Practical test of operating skills
  • Written test of theoretical knowledge
  • Test of operator's pre use inspection ability

Details of the practical test for operators of stacking and non stacking pallet trucks are shown here.

The written test consists of twenty five questions, some multiple choice and some open questions. Five of the questions are mandatory and must be included. Details of all the questions, complete with answers can be found here.

The pre use test must also be completed and some of these checks are also mandatory. Details of these checks, along with a sample operator's marking sheet can be found here.