pallet truck operator pre use test

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Pallet/pallet stacker pre shift operator test

The candidate will be required to carry out a pre-use inspection, and clearly demonstrate understanding of it. The pre-use inspection is a visual and functional safety check. It must be carried out in accordance with the Lift Truck manufacturer’s recommendations and/or the candidate’s company organisational procedures.

The examiner will assess whether the candidate meets the minimum standards
necessary to carry out a pre use inspection correctly and efficiently. Fourteen of the elements described in the pre-use inspection have been deemed safety critical
and if missed/not checked there may be a significant risk to the health and safety of the operator and or any persons and infrastructure in the location of the lift truck.

The following list of components are deemed as mandatory component checks. A candidate must carry out a full and correct check of these items, failure to do so will result in an automatic referral in this element of the test.

  • Fork Arms/Attachment
  • carriage plate*
  • Mast*
  • Mast rollers and slides*
  • Lift chains*
  • Lift Chain Pulleys *
  • Rated Capacity Plate
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • Drive and Braking
  • Repel pad
  • Steering
    *Not found on A1/A2 machines

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