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Reach trucks stacking sequence

The rules for operators and the stability considerations of reach truck are generally the same as counterbalanced machines with some obvious differences such as fork height etc. Use the counterbalanced truck slides for this section and below for the stacking sequence.

The following pages show the correct sequence for stacking with a moving mast reach truck. The rules regarding the use of the handbrake and all round observation are the same as those for a counterbalanced truck. A few additional points to note:

  • Some reach trucks, like the one in the picture, do not have a neutral position
  • Some reach truck, such as the BT Reflex, do not have a separate handbrake
  • Some reach trucks have a tilting fork carriage and some a tilting mast

The truck should be stopped with the load approximately 15cm, (6ins), away from the stack and the handbrake applied.

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