counterbalanced forklift operator's practical training course

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Practical forklift operator's test

Following completion of basic training, candidates should be subjected to the ABA BOST practical test. A plan of this is shown here. During this test, trainees will be expected to stack and de-stack at three different levels. They will also have to turn 90 degrees to the left and right in an aisleway and will be required to negotiate a chicane, forwards and reverse whilst carrying a load.

Before undertaking the test, trainees should be walked through the course and it should be explained to them. They should be advised that they do not have to remember the test sequence and that each step will be explained to them as the test progresses.

The actual test sequence is shown here. Once the trainee(s) have passed this test along with the written test they have completed stage one of training known as basic training. There are still two stages to complete which are shown next.

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