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Producing lesson plans for practical teaching

This part is equivalent to the making of confidence cards described in the classroom teaching session.

With practical training it is not really convenient to use cards as described for classroom work although it is possible. Instead, most people produce a lesson plan which consists of one, (or possibly two), sheets of A4 paper on a clipboard.

The following slides describe how to make a lesson plan remembering that a practical lesson consists essentially of Explanation, Demonstration and Trainee Practice.

WELCOME TRAINEES. Assuming that the instructor has just met the trainees it makes sense to try and put them at ease by welcoming them to the course. This should be a very short preamble about something not related to the course.

REVISION/LINK. On your lesson plan have at least three questions about the last logical lesson. These are asked at the start to confirm that the trainees have understood the main points of the previous lesson.

You can download a blank lesson plan here. (Microsoft Word document).

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