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Using notes and confidence cards

It's very difficult to talk about a subject for a long time without some sort of aid. I was taught this method in 1973 and have used it ever since.

The first rule about using notes is, do not be ashamed to use notes! Whether you are talking to a large audience or a small group of forklift trainees. It is a courtesy to have prepared and to use notes of what you want to say.

Some things are best avoided. They are:

  • Reading from a script often results in a stilted formal style and turning the pages distracts.
  • Scribbled notes on the back of an envelope may be illegible or insufficient to help you
  • Memorising a speech: very difficult to do and memory plays tricks. (Ask any politician)
  • Inadequate preparation: very few people can speak well without adequate preparation or without proper notes.

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