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List of instructor's safety responsibilities

To be able to meet his/her responsibilities, an Instructor must:

  • Be conversant with all sections of safety legislation within the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act and related legislation such as the Approved Code Of Practice.
  • Have an understanding of accepted safety codes dealing with the use, maintenance, and operation of any equipment used in training,
  • Understand all safety regulations dictated by company policy.
  • Be able to carry out standard company accident reporting procedure.
  • Be prepared to advise and/or make recommendations regarding the implementation of safe operating practices.
  • Set an example – be safety conscious at all times – be alert to eliminate the possibility of being “caught out” during an unguarded moment.
  • Ensure that the training area is free from any possible source of danger.
  • Ensure that all equipment is safe to use, and all fork lift trucks are in sound mechanical order and free from defects of any kind.
  • Position the trainees safely and make sure they are wearing the correct protective clothing where necessary. (PPE Regulations)
  • Make trainees aware of their responsibilities under the appropriate rules and regulations, and to impress upon them that all equipment must be used correctly, and only for the purpose for which it was designed
  • Ensure that trainee(s) have a copy of Company Safety Regulations and understand the content.
  • Ensure that trainees are trained in company fire drill and the procedure to adopt during training. They must understand company fire regulations, and know the locations of the fire fighting equipment, how to use it, and the assembly points and exits.
  • Inform trainees of first aid facilities and the location of the first aid posts

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