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Practical and classroom instructional techniques

This section of the website is devoted to the training of instructors and specifically, forklift instructors who are to teach forklift operators to operate. The techniques described can be applied to the teaching of any subject but I have biased them towards forklift truck driving for obvious reasons.

Before retiring I spent well over thirty years conducting these courses all over the UK and abroad. The picture above shows me presenting an instructor's certificate to Sonny Dilag at Almari in Saudi Arabia.

On all these courses I adopted the techniques described in this section. That's not to say they can't be changed. They should be modified to suit the style of the instructor and the subject being taught. That said, sticking to what's shown here will work if it's done properly.

There are two parts to forklift instruction: practical and theory or classroom. I've started with classroom techniques because that's the part that most would be instructors are frightened of and have the most problem with.

I have often come across training organisations who only teach candidates the practical side of forklift instruction but I wonder how these people manage to teach engineering principles such as forklift stability or the Health and Safety at Work Act without conducting a classroom session?

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