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The purpose of classroom teaching

The second stage of preparation is determining the purpose of the classroom session. This might sound a bit strange as the answer is fairly obvious isn't it? To teach the class about about forklift truck driving. In fact there is more to it than that and it is perhaps better to look at public speaking in a wider context in order to answer the question "why am I doing it".

Shown above are just a few of the many reasons a person may undertake a public speaking role. Let's examine them one by one and see how many apply to teaching forklift truck drivers.

TO INFORM. Maybe someone in the position of a sales manager might use this to advise their salespeople about the latest products or sales statistics. You are also informing people when you teach.

TO PERSUADE. The forklift instructor can do this too. After all it's not just about teaching someone to drive: its also about safety, teach them to be safe or persuade them to be safe.

TO INSPIRE. It is unlikely that the forklift instructor will use this one but an example of it would be a vicar in a pulpit giving a sermon. This would undoubtedly be designed to inspire people.

TO ENTERTAIN. . Now it is very important that a classroom session does not consist of loads of jokes, stories and the like but there is nothing wrong in keeping the class entertained. In fact this technique is used by good speakers to keep the listener's attention. It should be used sparingly and in the right context so that you wouldn't talk about a forklift accident and then follow it with a joke.

TO TRAIN. This is the obvious one for the forklift operator instructor. Obviously this is the primary reason for you being there in the first place but it can be seen that some of the other reasons above may come into effect. It's up to you to decide which ones!

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