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Gathering the material for the classroom session

Now you need to start thinking about what you are going to say and where to find the information. There is a wealth of information available to forklift instructors nowadays and it's up to the instructor where it comes from but the most common sources are listed below.

  • Own knowledge! Start with what you already know. It may sound obvious but as someone who has presumably attended a forklift instructor course you probably know more than you think.
  • Other people's knowledge. Don't be afraid to ask! Other instructors, supervisors, forklift engineers etc.
  • Check out the HSE website. It's full of information. Sign up to their free email newsletter.
  • The internet is a great source of information but don't forget that anyone can put anything on line so be careful about accepting things without verification.
  • Use manufacturers leaflets and driver's handbooks that come with the truck. If they have disappeared, get new ones.
  • There are many trade magazines that have information on accidents involving forklifts, prosecutions and the like.
  • Feel free to use this website - that's why I wrote it. If you are searching for something specific only use one or two words and spell them correctly! I get a list of searches every week and some spelling is appalling. No wonder a computer can't find it! (Rant over)

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