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Procedure for de-stacking with a telehandler

telehandler destacking

De-stacking with a telehandler is basically a reverse of stacking. One of the more difficult things to do is to ensure that the forks are level and bear in mind that they may have to enter a small space such as a pack of bricks etc.

These machines incorporate a tilt lock which means that if the forks are level, (horizontal), at the bottom, then they will stay that way at all boom heights.

The best way to ensure that the forks are level is to raise them to eye level and look along the top of the forks. After a little practice it is easy to get them horizontal. Obviously once they are level the tilt lever should not need to be touched. In practice, slight adjustments may need to be made as the forks enter the load.

The practical test for operators of telescopic materials handlers is shown on the next slide.

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