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Practical test for telehandler operators

telehandler test course

According to the RTITB's trainer's guide, (LTG6/LTG7), the test course for a telescopic materials handler should be set up as shown above. Please note it is not to scale.

The criteria for the various parts of the test are as follows:

  • The loads being carried must weigh at least 75% of the rated capacity of the telehandler
  • Loads must be palletised or block type and must be all the same weight and commodity
  • Palletised loads must have the pallets all the same size and the loads must be positioned in the same way
  • The high stack must be at least 75% of the maximum stacking height of the telehandler else the certificates must show a restriction
  • The steering course should be made or drums or similar and should not be spread over more than a 20m, (65.6 ft), area
  • The steering course should allow for a maximum clearance of 600mm, (2 ft), at all critical points

If I can add a note of my own based on more than forty years experience in the industry. Good luck with that!

The above requirements, whilst admirable in principle will be impossible to achieve in most cases and even if they could be achieved there is no way the telehandler could be driven through the steering course described above.

The actual test sequence is shown on the next slide and it's easy to use a normal counterbalance truck marking sheet for a telehandler test.

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