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New Approved Code Of Practice 2013

approved code of practiceThe HSE announced on August 1st 2011 that they were going to revise the Approved Code Of Practice, (ACOP), for the training of forklift operators. They have now, (March 19th 2013), issued the new edition.

The new ACOP is still called L117 but with it's included guidance note, it now stretches to 44 pages.

In essence the ACOP hasn't changed but the guidance now incorporates both the LOLER and PUWER statutes as they apply to forklift trucks. In addition, the publication called "Safety in working with lift trucks", (HSG6), has been scrapped and most of it's content has been incorporated into the guidance note.

There are several changes that affect the employment/training of forklift operators such as the introduction of seat belts and the clarification of the thorough examination rules.

In addition, the information previously contained in HSG6 (such as separating trucks from pedestrians, using barriers, walkways and much more), is now included in the associated guidance note.

You can download a copy of the new ACOP/guidance in PDF format here. There is also a guide for employers and for forklift operators which can be downloaded from the links above.