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RTITB forklift operator competition 2016

Uni-Carrier-wagonGlobal employers have entered their drivers in the RTITB International Forklift Operator of the Year hoping that they will qualify for a chance to take part in the competition heats at IMHX 2016. Visitors to the show in September can look forward to watching the 40 forklift drivers with the highest scores from the initial online test stage compete in an exciting series of live challenges specially designed to test their skills and knowledge of safe forklift operation.

The heats of the competition, which is sponsored by Transaid (charity partner), McCue (barrier partner), UniCarriers (manufacturing partner), Pyroban (test partner) and B&B attachments (attachment partner), will include a number of practical, pre-use and theory tests to assess competitors all round knowledge and counterbalance operating skills. One practical test, entitled ‘Explosive Mixer’ requires competitors to use an explosion protected fork lift truck to fetch a barrel and return it to the ‘whiskey distillery’, navigating through a series of highly flammable obstacles along the way. 
Sponsored by safety company Pyroban and designed to simulate an area with a Zone 2 explosion risk, the task will examine contestants’ ability to operate within a restricted area and manoeuvre safely around obstacles.


The second practical test is using racking, which will further examine competitors’ practical skills, assessing their ability to turn and control a load during loading and unloading on a racking system. For an added twist, contestants will also be judged on their aptitude for accurately depositing the load into another holding container without dropping anything.

Pre-use inspections on all material handling equipment are hugely important to ensure forklift operators aren’t compromising safety by working on a damaged vehicle, so to test drivers pre use inspection skills, competitors will take part in the ‘Check-a-Block’ challenge. This will see contestants quizzed on which items on a pre-use check sheet are particularly safety-critical within their working environment.

Charity partner Transaid is sponsoring the excitingly-named theoretical test ‘Bicycle Bingo’. In this heat, competitors will face questions to not only examine their technical understanding of the machinery they use, but also how they should behave within a workplace transport environment.

Contact Amy Southall on +44 (0)1952 520218 or email opofyear@rtitb.co.uk. For more information.