forklift training frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about forklifts and training

Listed below are some of the various frequently asked questions, (FAQ), that are asked about forklift operator training.

How often do I have to take a re-test for my fork lift licence?

What is a fork lift licence anyway?

What is the small white card that I was given used for?

I have lost my licence, can I get another?

I passed my test on a small truck but now I drive a larger one. Do I have to take another test?

Does a licence for a counterbalanced truck allow me to drive a reach truck?

Can I take my licence to another company to get a job?

Can I use my truck on the public highway?

Is it compulsory to wear a seat belt when I am driving my truck?

I went on a one day training course to get my certificate/licence. Is this OK?

How long does it take to train a person who has never sat on a truck before?

I have lots of experience but no licence. How long will my course be?

How long is a course for re-tests?

Does it help if I can already drive a car?

Do I have any responsibilities as an operator under current health and safety legislation?

What responsibilities in law does my employer have for my safety?

I have been driving trucks for a long time without an accident. Why should I be trained?

My instructor was from a place called ITSSAR. I thought the RTITB was the accrediting body?

What is an accrediting body anyway?

I had a near miss when I was driving my truck but no-one was injured. Do I have to report it?

I am an in house instructor working for a company. Can I train fork lift operators at another company?

Does an in house instructor need a refresher course?

I have heard that the fork lift test uses a "penalty point" system. How does this work?

Whose responsibility is it to check the truck over and when should this be done?

Will I have to take a written test as well as a practical one?

The test course my colleagues used recently looked a bit different to mine. Why is this?

I have to do things apart from stacking in racking. Do I need any further training in order to do this?

I drive a 3 wheel truck and I have been told that 4 wheel trucks are more stable. Is this true?

How common are fork lift accidents? How many are there in a year?

What are the most common reasons for fork truck accidents?

Do I need a medical before I operate a fork lift truck?

What is the Accrediting Bodies Association, ABA?