counterbalanced forklift operator's practical course

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Practical forklift novice training course step by step

The following pages describe the practical part of a forklift operator's training course. Also available are the theory, classroom, lessons and slides covering the pre shift checks lessons.

All of the lessons shown are practical in nature and usually follow the format of an explanation by the instructor followed by a model demonstration. The trainee(s) then copy this until their performance is judged to be to standard. It goes without saying that the instructor should be qualified to undertake such training and more details on instructional techniques and associated qualifications can be found here.

The duration of these lessons will obviously vary to suit the requirements of individual trainees but care should be taken to ensure that the minimum course durations as laid down by the accredited bodies are adhered to. As a general rule both the instructor and the trainee should be satisfied with progress before moving on to another exercise.

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