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Sideloader basic steering and controls

Just as with a conventional counterbalanced forklift the first thing to do is to get the trainee familiar with the driving controls such as the accelerator, brake and inching pedal along with the steering wheel and handbrake etc. The hydraulic controls are best left alone at this stage as getting the trainee to steer accurately is obviously essential before any stacking can take place.

(It may sometimes be advantageous to teach use of the lift control only so that the trainee can put the forks in the unladen travel position)

Once this has been done the trainees can be taught to drive forwards and reverse in a straight line at different speeds getting used to the 'feel' and size of the machine. Care should be taken even at this early stage to make sure that trainees watch where they are going so that they are not only looking all around but also using any mirrors that may be fitted to cope with blind spots.

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