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Most of the pages on this website can be read in just a few minutes which leaves no scope for more in depth articles which obviously take longer. I decided to expand the site by including this section of forklift feature articles. Please note that I have not written all of these articles but I have credited the authors and provided a link back to them where possible.

Winter conditions and forklift trucks

Understanding forklift capacity and data plates

What are the employers responsibilities after an accident?

Creating safer forklift truck operations

Forklift inspections and pre use checks

About National Forklift Safety day

How to appoint a safety consultant to help with forklift safety

What is an authorisation to operate a forklift truck?

National Forklift Safety day 13th June 2023

Choosing the correct forklift truck for the job

How to check forklift operator qualifications (UK)

The top 10 forklift training myths by RTITB

A guide to leasing forklift trucks by BITA

Your forklift training questions answered by AITT

What should be included on a forklift operator training record

How to safely change and charge LPG cylinders on forklift trucks

Lithium Ion batteries on forklift trucks

How to stay safe on foot working around forklift trucks

Employer's guide to the forklift "licence"

When to replace forks on a forklift truck

CFTS says "A thorough examination is down to the tools"

RTITB says forklift instructor shortage is threatening safety

RTITB blogs about forklift operator's training certificates

How to involve your forklift operators in health and safety

The Health and Safety Managers' guide to forklift truck operations

The challenge of working with reach trucks at height

What do forklift operators think of their job?

Portable appliance testing. All you need to know

What is a forklift carriage? Basic terms and classes

A free leaf chain information resource

How to appoint a safety consultant to help with forklift truck operations

What is an authorisation to operate and do I need one?

Are we doing enough to prevent workplace fatalities in logistics?

How modern technology helps forklift operators

Carbon Monoxide and forklift trucks

Useful guide on buying a forklift truck

Pallet manufacturing explained

Trip points on forklift trucks

Lucas CSM batteries for forklift trucks

Mousetrap deaths now top workplace killer

Are you up to date on forklift safety?

The true cost of forklift accidents

Explanation of ABA accreditation of forklift training standards

Rules for importing and exporting goods with the EU after December 31st

The evolution of forklift smart screen technology

Testing forklift overhead guards

Top tips for segregating forklifts and pedestrians

Pallet trucks in retail environments

Yale celebrates 100 years in the business with lithium ion range

Looking after your forklift tyres

Choosing the correct forklift for the job

Centre of Gravity explained

Counterbalanced forklift truck load centre

Vertical load centre on a forklift truck

How to appoint a competent person for health and safety

Carbon Monoxide and forklift trucks

What is familiarisation training for forklift operators?

Using forklift trucks in extreme temperatures

Health and Safety Manager's guide to managing forklift safety

RSI and Forklift Trucks

Avoiding pedestrian and forklift accidents

Creating a safe system of work

Forklift overhead guards

Forklift and pedestrian safety tips

Lithium Ion batteries fitted to forklift trucks

Lorry loading and loading dock safety

HSE advice on lorry loading with a forklift truck

VOSA load security matrix

Modern technology and forklift trucks

Top 10 forklift training myths

What is specific job training for forklift operators?

Using forklift trucks in winter conditions