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Complete sideloader training course

This course should be read in conjunction with the counterbalanced truck operator's safety code. I do not propose to repeat parts of the code here so it will be necessary for the instructor to extract the parts that apply to sideloader training from this section and adapt them to these machines. Obviously not all will apply and the instructor should make sure that everything relevant to sideloader training is covered.

Some general points about sideloader operation are noted here:

  • Some sideloaders have a tilting mast/forks
  • Some sideloaders have a fixed mast and tilting bed
  • Some machines have stabilising jacks whilst others don't
  • Sideloaders, unlike forklift trucks, have front wheel steering like a car.
  • The weight of a pack of timber can increase by as much as 100% when wet

Most of this section of the website deals with steering and stacking as these are obviously different from a counterbalanced or reach truck. The sections are divided as follows:

Steering | Stacking | Testing

The pre-shift checks for sideloader training are very similar to counterbalanced trucks and most of the information in this section should apply.

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