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Complete Powerpoint slide presentation for forklift instructors. Ready made course.

e-Truck UK Lift Truck Theory Training Licence

etruckRTITB has introduced a new way of training fork lift truck operators called eTruck. Full details are below.

eTruck UK is a completely unique digital storytelling tool that is only available from RTITB.

eTruck increases training effectiveness whilst reducing training time by as much as up to two days per course, with candidates learning by following a story that tackles real issues relating to safety.

All theory training is completed online, allowing candidates to train anywhere, at any time. Operators retain information better from digital storytelling, which helps to create real behavioural change.

Utilising a digital means of training can also help to minimise costs and downtime as candidates are out of the business for a shorter time.

What’s more, when you buy eTruck UK, you have access to a lifetime licence – operators can return to content to refresh operator knowledge, or use as part of toolbox tools.

(Webmaster note: If, as claimed, two days training are saved by using eTruck, how many hours does an accredited training company enter when they add trainees to the NORS database?) If someone can enlighten me I'll update this page.

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