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Instructor's responsibility for trainee safety

safety instructor's responsibility

The responsibility of an Instructor does not begin and end by simply doing a stint in the classroom or the training area, nor is his administrative work limited to marking test papers and completing end of course reports. The truth is that the Instructor’s responsibility includes the safety of the trainees for whom the Instructor has a moral obligation to care for and protect from danger so far as it is possible to do so.

To be able to carry out duties of this nature, an Instructor who is engaged in teaching practical skills must be aware of all of the safety factors relating to the practical tasks being undertaken by the trainees whilst under his control. In addition, he must ensure that all relevant safety rules and safe practices are passed on to them.

Further, should an accident occur involving one of his trainees, the Instructor must be able to take control of the situation in a calm, efficient manner, and carry out the Standard Company Accident Procedure and complete an accident report in a concise factual way.

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