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Complete Powerpoint slide presentation for forklift instructors. Ready made training course


figure of 8 driving

The next step in a basic training course is to get the trainees to make figures of eight patterns in a large open space. They should first do this in a forward direction and they should be made aware of the rear end swing of the forklift so that as, for example, they turn left the rear end swings at the right. This should be followed up by the same exercise in reverse. Of course, this time it will be the forks that swing outwards and trainees should also be made aware of this.

Some instructors prefer to place a couple of obstacles on the floor at this point, (say one or two pallets lying flat), to give the trainees something to guide them. With or without obstacles this exercise is designed to get the the trainees used to steering the truck in an open space so the dimensions should be kept quite large and generous.

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