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Charging a traction battery

battery chargerWhen charging a battery on an electric forklift truck be aware that the battery gives off highly explosive hydrogen gas whilst it is on charge. It is essential therefore that no naked lights are allowed anywhere near the battery charging area.

Modern battery chargers are automatic and they initially provide what's known as a bulk charge. All of the cells in the battery will charge differently as it is simply a chemical reaction taking place. (Contrary to popular belief, batteries do not 'store' electricity)

Following the bulk charge the charger will produce an equalising charge which as it's name suggests, equals the charge in the various cells. Once this 'equalising' charge is complete the battery is ready for further use. Because most of the operation is automatic all the user needs to do is:

Once charging is complete the charger will automatically switch off. A more detailed description of battery charging can be found here.

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