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Safety Products For Forklift Trucks

In this section you will find ideas that make forklift truck operation safer. Whilst this website is dedicated to forklift training in particular it follows that anything that can help to reduce the annual toll of accidents and deaths can only be a good thing.

I will detail new products that come to my attention with a link back to the appropriate website. It would be appreciated if the owners of such web sites do a reciprocal link back to this page. If you have a new(ish) product designed to improve forklift safety, you can contact me here.

Please note that I cannot vouch for the usefulness or safety of these products as I have no experience with them. I list them because users of forklifts might find them interesting. I have no financial interest in any product on this website.

Active collision warning system for forklift trucks

Doosan's Guardian forklift stability system

Safely working with forklift trucks. Mitsubishi Safety Zone

Flexi smart stop system from Narrow Aisle

ELOshield personnel detector

Combi multi-position tiller arm

Istop loading bay system

Linde fork positioner

Boplan flexible safety barriers

Combilift safety device

Lorry wheel blocking system

Ross racking repair system

Comatra tyre pressure monitor

Comatra blue light safety system

Forkangles fork leveller