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Precautions to be observed when handling L.P. Gas

Procedure for changing propane (LPG) cylinders:

  1. Wear eye protection and insulated, loose fitting gloves such as leather (dry) or insulated neoprene.
  2. Close the valve on the cylinder.
  3. Run the engine until it stops. This ensures that the connection hose is empty.
  4. Shut off the engine.
  5. Open the connecting nut and inspect valves for leaking.
  6. Disconnect the hose.
  7. Disconnect the holding straps.
  8. Remove the empty cylinder.
  9. Replace with a full cylinder in the proper position.
  10. Connect the holding straps.
  11. Tighten the connecting nut (wiggle hose).
  12. Open the valve on the cylinder slowly and check for leaks. Use solution of soap and water
  13. Smell--listen--look.
  14. If the valve leaks: 1) Tighten the nut and continue 2) Change the cylinder. 3) Seek guidance from a Supervisor
  15. Open the valve fully (slowly).
  16. Check that the hose is turned inward.
  17. Secure the hose downward.
  18. Secure the cylinder.
  19. Start the engine and resume operation

Do not.................................

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