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Complete Powerpoint slide presentation for forklift instructors. Ready made training course

pallet and pallet stacker safety questions number 11 to 15

11. What is meant by the term “load centre” as it applies to lift trucks?

A. The width that the forks should be set on the carriage plate
B. The length of the truck and the load
C. The measurement to the middle of the load
D. It is the measurement given forward from the front face of the fork arms to the centre of gravity of the load

12. Prior to operating a lift truck in the working environment, the operator must have“written authorisation” issued by:

A. The instructor who carried out the training.
B. The employer
C. The lift truck supplier
D. The lift truck manufacturer

13. Enforcement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, etc. is the responsibility of:

A. The Health and Safety Commission (HSC)
B. The European Commissions United Inspectors (ECU)
C. The Health and Safety Executive and Local Authorities
D. The Police

14. Can a Lithium ION battery be “topped” up?

A. No
B. Yes, with distilled or de-ionised water
C. Yes, with a special ion water
D. No, they are a single use battery

15. A pallet truck should not be driven into a lift or elevator unless:

A. It is unladen
B. The lift is carrying no personnel
C. Specifically instructed by a supervisor, and the lift is able to safely carry the
machine and its load

D. When accompanied by the operator

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