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pallet manufacturing process explained

Here is an interesting article by Associated Pallets on the unsung hero of the logistics industry - the humble pallet.

Wooden pallets

wooden palletsPallets may appear to be simple structures that support loads but their design and manufacture is a sophisticated process. They provide a structural base for a load and protect it when it is in storage and during handling and transportation.

Wood is the most common pallet material. Plastics – mostly high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) — are thermoplastics that are resistant to weather and corrosion and used to make very durable pallets.

Customers buying wooden pallets can choose from standard sizes in 100 per cent natural timber or engineered wood, or give precise specifications on materials and design that the manufacturer will follow. Once the vendor is clear about the specifications and delivery date, the process begins.

Plastic pallets

Plastic palletsCustomers order plastic pallets according to specifications as in the case of wood. However, in contrast to wood, there are a number of manufacturing processes for these pallets.

Associated Pallets website

Webmaster's note: Back in the 1980s I conducted some forklift operator training at M.O.D. Aldermaston. They were using some very high specification wooden pallets made to very close tolerances. Radioactive material was then placed in sealed metal containers which, in turn, were strapped onto these pallets. Each pallet cost £600!

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