Forklift accidents

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Forklift related accidents 2024

Farming company fined £320,000 after death of worker who fell from a forklift truck

January 6th 2024. Company fined £100,000 after workers were elevated on a pallet by forklift truck

Forklift related accidents for 2023

Forklift related accidents up to 2022

Fall from lorry leaves man in coma

HGV driver is seriously injured when crushed between forklift and lorry

Worker breaks back in 2 ft fall from forklift truck

Brave teenager has half his body amputated after forklift accident

Worker injured falling from unsecured stillage on forklift truck

Worker crushed to death between containers

Company fined after worker falls from unsecured stillage on forklift truck

1000 litre acid container punctured by forklift truck

Manufacturer fined after worker injured in forklift accident

Firm fined £125,000 for "avoidable" forklift fatality

£120,000 fine after death of worker in forklift accident

Female worker killed in forklift truck accident

Delivery driver injured by falling pallets

Farming company fined after fatal telehandler accident

Engineering firm fined after fatal accident involving forklift trucks

Scrap metal firm fined 2 million after death of worker

Worker injured in accident with chute and telehandler

Employee receives crush injuries to foot in forklift accident

Worker killed under forks of a telehandler

Motorcyclist killed in telehandler accident

Worker suffers crush injuries in forklift accident

Company fined after forklift operator died in forklift turnover accident

Poultry companies fined after forklift accident

Company fined after employee is killed in forklift accident

Lorry driver seriously injured in forklift truck accident

Manchester firm fined after fatal forklift accident

Farm worker fatally injured in telehandler accident

Director jailed for ignoring enforcement notices

Company MD gets suspended jail sentence after forklift fatality

Manufacturer fined after worker suffers life changing injuries

Boat builder fined £200k after worker injured

Manufacturer and site owner fined following telehandler fatality

Man suffers broken leg in forklift accident

Maintenance engineer killed in forklift accident

Company fined after fatal forklift accident

Worker seriously injured by falling pack of stillages

Worker loses leg in life changing forklift accident

Recycling firm fined £600,000 after death of forklift operator

May 2021 Man seriously injured in collision with forklift truck

March 2021. Man loses arm in burst tyre accident

February 1st 2021. Load falling from telehandler kills worker

November 27th 2020. Building company fined after telehandler accident

November 26th 2020. Teenager killed in forklift accident on farm

November 3rd 2020. Worker suffers brain injury in forklift accident

October 30th 2020 Man killed in manual pallet truck accident

June 30th 2020. Worker trapped under forklift for an hour loses leg

February 2020. Company fined £800,000 after forklift accident

February 10th 2020. Falling paper bale injures worker

February 5th 2020. Company fined after teenage worker falls from height

January 26th 2020. Fedex employee struck by forklift truck

January 27th 2020. Director sentenced after multiple incidents with telehandler

January 23rd 2020. Man killed by falling forklift truck

January 6th 2020. Falling load seriously injures forklift operator