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practical three point plan for coming out of lockdown

Warehouse social distancingThe national body for Thorough Examinations has given stay alert guidance. To support companies coming out of lockdown and resuming materials handling operations, CFTS is issuing a ‘Practical 3-Point Plan’ to ensure equipment is safe and fit for purpose.

It is the duty holder’s responsibility to check that a truck has a valid certificate and report of Thorough Examination, as required under LOLER. If the report expired during lockdown, an inspection must be arranged before the truck is used again.

Check the nature of the Thorough Examination undertaken by the provider, as some inspections cover only the lifting parts of the truck (under LOLER).  

It is important to note that a truck owner is not required to use the inspection provider specified by their insurance company. They are free to employ a CFTS-accredited examiner, who is sure to provide an in-depth inspection that meets LOLER and  PUWER requirements. A CFTS Thorough Examination assesses parts such as the steering, brakes and tyres, in addition to the lifting components, ensuring that the truck is fully fit for purpose.

CFTS examiners remain available to support businesses nationwide, particularly those who were not able to receive visits from their other inspection providers during recent weeks.

If a piece of equipment has been stood down for several weeks, it must be commissioned and tested as specified in the operator’s manual. The vehicle may require a service as well as a Thorough Examination, both of which can be completed by a CFTS-accredited engineer.

The truck must also be thoroughly cleaned. Guidance on cleaning methods for materials handling and plant equipment can be found on BITA’s website:

Summing up, CFTS Chairman Geoff Martin said: “Throughout the crisis CFTS examiners have been strictly following guidance outlined by the government and the HSE, along with that of the FLTA and BITA, to ensure that services remain available at all times. 

“Many companies are facing new and exceptional circumstances, especially where production has been compromised for any length of time. Most have never needed to reintroduce materials handling equipment, so as the UK’s national accrediting body for providers of Thorough Examinations we felt it important to provide clear-cut guidance to help get British businesses back up and running.”

For more information or to find a CFTS-accredited company Visit: or call 01344 623 800.

Disclaimer. The legislative information contained on this web site is my interpretation of the law based on many years in the health and safety business. A definitive interpretation can only be given by the courts. I will therefore not be held responsible for any accident/incident/prosecution arising as a consequence of anyone using any information obtained from this web site.

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