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Complete Powerpoint slide presentation for forklift instructors. Ready made course.

a great review for the latest forklift training methods

iTRUK reviewiTRUK accreditation was only introduced in 2020 and aims to update forklift operator training in line with 21st century practices. Here is a recent review from one of it's customers, Mr John Milne of Argent Training in Aberdeen.

I ran the first refresher courses (in-house) based on the iTRUK modern method on Monday and Tuesday this week. Just wanted to give you some feedback.

Normally on refresher courses a significant amount of time is spent forcing home the fixation with applying the handbrake. In my opinion this has an adverse effect on candidate performance. Many are so obsessed with remembering to apply the handbrake that it is to the detriment of their performance on other key elements of the course. One candidate remarked that in previous courses the fear of forgetting to apply the handbrake made him more nervous.

A considerable time saving resulted from not having to apply the handbrake so frequently when stacking. This time saving allowed me to focus more on critical areas of the course e.g. observation, stability etc. Candidate feedback generally was that they felt more relaxed when operating the truck as they were doing what they normally do ……….. but safely!

Overall I felt that the course ran more fluently and candidate performance more efficient as it wasn’t the usual start, stop every few seconds to apply the handbrake. I didn’t have a single fault for lack of observation during the practical tests which is most unusual. It is too early to say if this was just a  one-off or if it was down to the candidates being more relaxed and focusing on the task in hand rather than obsessing over handbrake application.

I have another refresher tomorrow. Hopefully I will see the same results!

iTRUK also deliver accreditation, training and testing using the "old style" format if required. You can contact iTRUK at their website.

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