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forklift mastFollowing on from the previous page the next three items to be checked are the mast, the forks and carriage and the warranty being offered.

7. Mast condition and operation

Check for smooth mast operation, with and without a load. The mast should not ‘bind’ (stick) and there should be no play in the mast channels or between the fork carriage and mast. Masts and chains must always be checked by a competent person.

Look out for any creeping down or creeping forward of the mast when loaded. This could be a sign of seals, ram or valve problems. Check that the rating plate on a truck refers to the mast and any fitted attachments. During the course of a truck’s life, the mast may have been changed. This is often overlooked. If there is a sideshift, check whether it’s operating smoothly and not sticking when loaded.

8. Forks and fork carriage

Examine the truck’s forks for damage or wear, paying special attention to:

9. Check the forklift truck's warranty

Always ask to see a truck’s warranty documents, paying special attention to:

For additional security, you may wish to request an additional warranty on the battery. Batteries are very expensive to replace. Importantly, most warranties apply to new trucks with some terminating upon resale.

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