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vosa load security advice/enforcement and matrix

VOSA load security matrix

Forklifts are often used to load road going vehicles. VOSA have guidance for operators of such vehicles. Their inspectors are equipped with a matrix which will allow them to impose uniform loading standards across the country in respect of dangerous loads on lorries.

This matrix will guide examiners on what action to take, based on how secure the load is and how dangerous it could be if unsecured. For example, a potentially dangerous load that has not been strapped in, restrained or otherwise secured will result in enforcement action.

All loads must show evidence that a reasonable attempt has been made to keep it secure during the journey. If a less hazardous load is insecure, but there is evidence that an attempt has been made to secure it, VOSA examiners will offer advice and guidance.

Operators will need to pay particular attention to curtain-sided trailers. VOSA’s advice to industry is that curtain-sides should not be thought of as a restraint system. Loads carried in curtain-sided vehicles should be secured appropriately, without using the curtains as part of the securing system.

You can download a copy of the matrix here which is in PDF format. Please note that pages 1 and 4 apply. The industry Code of Practice can also be downloaded here.

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