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Comatra blue light pedestrian safety system

blue safety lightThis system is designed to make pedestrians aware of an approaching forklift truck especially those persons at the rear of the truck.

The sad fact is that more than half of all forklift accidents in the UK are due to lack of observation by the operator and this is particularly true when the truck is reversing. Even during a forklift truck practical test operators often fail to look behind when reversing.

In the Comatra system there are a series of LED lights fitted to the rear of the truck which shine an intense blue light onto the floor behind the forklift truck.

Some technical aspects of the Comatra system are:

If you want to get a better idea of how this safety device works you should check out this video. You can also download a manufacturers specification sheet here or visit the manufacturers website.

Note that other companies make this product too but before you buy check out this comparison.

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