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Forklift Lighting requirements for road use

Forklift lighting requirementsForklift lighting requirements vary with maximum speed.

The requirements relating to the lighting of all vehicles used on the public road are contained in the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations (RVLR). If the fork lift truck is not used on a public road then clearly the provisions of the RVLR do not apply.

If a fork lift truck is used on a public road between sunrise and sunset and is not fitted with any front or rear position lamp then it is exempt from having to be fitted with any lamp or reflector.

In general the forklift lighting requirements depend upon their maximum speed and the table below lists the requirements:

Maximum Speed Types of lamp to be fitted
Any speed Front position lamp
Rear position lamp
Rear retro-reflector
Greater thenm 15 mph Front position lamp
Rear position lamp
Rear retro-reflector
Dipped beam headlamp
Direction indicator
Hazard warning signal device
Greater then 25 mph As above but also with Rear fog lamp
Stop lamp
Greater then 40 mph As above but with
Dim-dip device or running lamp (unless the vehicle conforms to European requirements)


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