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National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS)

national operator registration schemeNORS is a centralised registration, certification and validation system for Lift Truck operators and other mechanical handling equipment drivers. Until 2005 there was no system in place to identify people who are trained to drive fork lift trucks nationally. The NORS system, introduced by the Road Transport Industry Training Board, aims to correct that.

Registration on the NORS system lasts for three years. After that, the RTITB will write to the operator to remind them that refresher training is due and will also remind them of the name of their original training provider.

As of July 2010 there was 210,000 names on the NORS database and 68,000 per year are being added.

Operator benefits

(Note: The above comments are copied from the RTITB website)

Employer benefits

Note: If anyone connected with the NORS scheme would like to expand on the above, please contact me and I will be glad to update this page.

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